About Dionne

Dionne Ross is Fitness and Wellness. Whether instructing a fitness class at a gym or encouraging wellness at a women's conference, you will find Dionne igniting people to exercise while having fun. Dionne has taught fitness classes across Texas ranging from kickboxing to yoga and her popularity continues to grow.

It is Dionne's genuine enthusiasm that makes her a true motivator bringing to her audience a fresh and relevant perspective on living healthy. She has trained and mentored up and coming fitness instructors and personal trainers, as well as developed program strategies encouraging healthy living for students at University of Houston.

An African American, Dionne has reached out to her community to establish programs geared toward getting minorities involved in fitness and has organized health walks for The Heart Associations' Sugar Run. Dionne is a presenter with Powder Blue Productions, and is instrumental in setting up and conducting workshops certifying individuals as licensed fitness instructors all over Texas.